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Native Nod

This Can't Exist

An antidote to the tough-guy hardcore spreading from CBGB’s, emo outliers Native Nod’s unique genre juxtaposition of damaged art-rock, daring/naive songwriting, and raw, poetic vocals have set them apart from the glut of early-’90s post-hardcore. Compiled here are the band’s trio of seminal 7” EPs for the Gern Blandsten label, with liner notes by Jenn Pelly and scores of unseen photographs and ephemera.

Track List

  1. Native Nod Bread
  2. Native Nod High Tide In Alaska
  3. Native Nod Back To Mimsey
  4. Native Nod Answers
  5. Native Nod Crossings
  6. Native Nod Tangled
  7. Native Nod Lower G.I. Bleed
  8. Native Nod Runner