Collection: All 45s

Time After Time b/w Now She's Gone
Step By Step
Gods On Voodoo Moon
White Zombie
Run Around
Cave Dwellers
You Are Doomed
Wicked Lester
Mustache In Your Face
Just A Sad Xmas b/w Can't Nobody Love Me (Like My Baby Do)
The Soul Duo
Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow b/w Tomorrow's Gone
Charlie Megira
Days of Thunder
Wrap Myself Up
Jim Spencer & Angie Jarée
You and Me b/w Some Other Love
Penny & the Quarters
No Longer b/w Endlessly
Four Mints
Keep Your Faith In God b/w Just Give It All To Christ
Lucky Rosenbloom
I Wanna Be a Winner b/w Outcast
Vickie & The Van Dykes
Melvin b/w Come Back
The Belles
Broken Heart b/w Gimme Gimme
The Contessas
I Ought To Stay Away From You b/w Why Do I Cry
Margo Guryan
Why Do I Love You (Red Greg Edit) b/w Why Do I Love You (Instrumental)
Andy Crown
Chi - C - A - G - O (Is My Chicago) b/w Sexy Lady
Light Touch Band
Too Far Gone b/w Every Body's Problem
LaJohn & Sheela
I Won’t Love You Again b/w So Funny
Dimas III
Take Me For A Little While b/w We Go Together
The Royal Jesters
Like A Ship b/w Nobody Knows
Pastor TL Barrett
Different Strokes b/w Is It Because I'm Black
Syl Johnson
Express Your Love b/w Cry Love
The Sweet & Innocent
Rush b/w You Bring Me Up
Jesus Wayne
Burning Up b/w The Taste Of Honey
Donnell Pitman
If You See Me b/w Games
94 East
Let's Ride (Original Version) b/w You Must Go On
Fleetwood Jack
Blue Tandem
Any Other Way b/w Sticks and Stones
Jackie Shane
Dreamality b/w Lucky Stars
Universal Togetherness Band
Hey Lady b/w Just To Be With You