Collection: Eccentric Soul

Bound b/w I Remember You
Ponderosa Twins Plus 1
Soul Bundle 2023
I Am Controlled By Your Love
Helene Smith
My Mind Holds On To Yesterday
Barbara Stant
I Won’t Love You Again b/w So Funny
Dimas III
Just Me and You b/w Best Things In Life
The Dreamliners
Take Me For A Little While b/w We Go Together
The Royal Jesters
Keep Your Faith In God b/w Just Give It All To Christ
Lucky Rosenbloom
I Got'Cha b/w No Other Life Without You
I'm Not Your Toy
Peter Barclay
Penny & the Quarters & Friends
The Shiptown Label (2xLP)
Eccentric Soul
Eccentric Deep Soul
Various Artists
Soul Music of Ohio
Soul Music of Ohio
Soulful 7" Bundle
Different Strokes b/w Is It Because I'm Black
Syl Johnson
Express Your Love b/w Cry Love
The Sweet & Innocent
Eccentric Disco
Various Artists
Birdlegs & Pauline
Rush b/w You Bring Me Up
Jesus Wayne
Burning Up b/w The Taste Of Honey
Donnell Pitman
If You See Me b/w Games
94 East
Is There Any Love
Trevor Dandy
Let's Ride (Original Version) b/w You Must Go On
I Shall Wear A Crown
Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir
Glued To The Spot
Cheryl Glasgow
Money Is The Root Of Evil
Dan Boadi And The African Internationals
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Is The Conveyor "Understand Each Other"
Lou Ragland
Do Not Pass Me By Vol. I
Pastor T. L. Barrett
Eccentric Funk
Eccentric Funk
Vol. 24
Rust Side Story