Collection: Numero in the 60s

Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights
Technicolor Paradise
You and Me b/w Some Other Love
Penny & the Quarters
Any Other Way
Jackie Shane
English Oldies
Royal Jesters
Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey & the Soul Generation
Mickey & the Soul Generation
The Girl Group Underground
Basement Beehive
Sitting In The Park
Eccentric Soul
In Cuca Country
Driftless Dreamers
The Glory Road
Fern Jones
Still Here: 1967-1973
The Notations
Northern Soul Floor Fillers
All Night Long
They Call Me Country
Sanford Clark
The ABCs Of Kid Soul
Home Schooled
Words And Music
Margo Guryan
All Our Own Work
Sandy Denny & The Strawbs
Vol. 23
South Side Story
Vol. 19
Southwest Side Story
Circuit Rider
This Is IT
Alan Watts
The Cleopatra Label
Teen Expo
If There's Hell Below...
Various Artists
I've Got Another b/w Southside Chicago
Otis Brown
Tale of My Lost Love
Female Species
To Dream
Daiquiri Dirges
Technicolor Paradise
San Antonio Bundle
Numero Group
We Are Paintermen
The Creation
Dresses Too Short
Syl Johnson
The Country Issue
Periodical Numerical
The Mystic Tide
Songs For A Friend
Eccentric Deep Soul
Various Artists