Collection: Numero in the 60s

Eccentric Deep Soul
Various Artists
I Ought To Stay Away From You b/w Why Do I Cry
Margo Guryan
Eccentric Northern Soul
Various Artists
The Nervous Kats
Bailey's Nervous Kats
Double Feature Bundle
Various Artists
Vol. 3
Mid-Atlantic Story
Los Alamos Grind
Tied Down
Joyce Street
Skyway Soul: Gary, Indiana
Various Artists
You're Not From Around Here
Songs Of Leaving
Niela Miller
The 2024 Eccentric Bundle Part 2
Eccentric Soul
The Cuca Label (2xLP)
Eccentric Soul
They Move In The Night
The Dynamic Label
Eccentric Soul
Episode 4
Shanghai'd Soul
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town b/w Prancer's Got Some Red Spots
The Shades
I Won’t Love You Again b/w So Funny
Dimas III
2023 Side Story Bundle
Various Artists
Southside Chicago
Otis Brown
Vol. 24
Rust Side Story
My Mind Holds On To Yesterday
Barbara Stant
Different Strokes b/w Is It Because I'm Black
Syl Johnson
Take Me For A Little While b/w We Go Together
The Royal Jesters
The 2024 Eccentric Bundle Part 1
Eccentric Soul
Soul Bundle 2023
Christmas Bundle
Various Artists
Soft Summer Breezes
Various Artists
The Tragar & Note Labels
Eccentric Soul
Consolidated Productions Vol. 1
Eccentric Soul
Melvin b/w Come Back
The Belles
Tied Down T-Shirt
Joyce Street